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Board Member:
Chris Hendricks

Nudism/naturism has been a large part of my life since before I had even heard those words. I attribute this to being babysat by my grandparents who insisted that if I was just going outside to get dirty and wet, it made no sense to be wearing clothes. Maybe it was their lifestyle too, maybe it was simply not wanting to do laundry … either way, the comfort and the logic behind it has stuck with me since.

As I grew up, I found out that there were several terms for this type of lifestyle, and I started to study it more. I joined certain groups, was able to visit various campgrounds, and joined in some local swims. In 2013 I started my membership with the FCN. Then, a few years ago, I ended up in contact with a fellow in the area, and this chance meeting resulted in the creation of the Cottontail Corner group. Over the years, we had established a beach on a river nearby, and hosted various events throughout the year. Over time, I had decided to take my leave from the admin team for personal reasons, and to pursue another direction.

Now, at 39 years old, I get to share naturism with my family. I was able to share the nude lifestyle with my wife on our honeymoon, and never looked back. She is very supportive when it comes to having a “nudie” husband. We try to get in a nude vacation every year, have met some amazing people, and even made some of our best friends on these trips. Our household is a nude-friendly environment. We have three kids, including two daughters, and it is very important to us as parents that our children do not grow up with body issues, or judge others based on physical appearances, and we feel this is the best way to teach that.

Most recently, I have been very open with family and friends about this lifestyle, and have made myself very available for anyone who wants to discuss any aspect of it. I am active on social media, and try to assist with various nude-related events in our area.

By being a Director (Prairie and Northern Region) for the FCN, I hope to encourage and educate others about this lifestyle. There are too many misconceptions around it that I think leave a bad taste in some people's mouths.  I would like to find a way to gain some more interest from a younger generation.

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