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Dan Bissonnette

I first became acquainted with naturism in my teens. Growing up in rural southern Ontario at that time, the idea of it left me both frightened and fascinated. Although I had no personal experience with naturism at that stage of my life, I grew increasingly intrigued by it. For me, it seemed to be an extension of my appreciation of the natural world, as well as convey a quality of acceptance and respect that was both foreign and familiar.

My first genuine experience with naturism took place back in 1985, during my years in college, when I visited Sunny Glades in Bothwell, Ontario. In the years that followed, I also visited the former clubs, Glen Echo and Lake Sun Club. During that time, I also learned about a brand new organization that had formed, the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN). I scraped together money for membership dues and joined in 1986, in their first formal year of operation.

Three decades later in 2017, I began to volunteer with the FCN. I joined their Board of Directors in 2018, where I serve as a Director-At-Large. I began volunteering with the production of Going Natural Magazine in that same year and in 2020 I became the English editor and layout manager. At present, I also serve as the Volunteer Coordinator, Publications Manager and Media Relations Director.

My career background includes managing not-for-profit organizations, education and communications, so I have managed to draw from these experiences as I serve as a director. Some examples of my work include assisting in updating our policies and our Official Purposes, along with developing long term strategies for outreach and education. I am also very interested in how our organization manages its message and have frequently contributed articles for Going Natural, as well as some of the content on this website.

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