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I am Devika (aka Debi).

Me and my husband Rahul first came across naturism in 2015 accidentally at a beach in the United Kingdom, known as Studland Beach. Back then, we didn't know about naturism, but being textile in a group of free naked people was odd and hence we decided to shed textiles. We are yoga therapists and healers but we never felt anything more healing than being naked. We moved here to Canada in 2019, and were invited to a small naked gathering in Toronto where we met Stéphane Deschênes and Robert Bergman, who invited us to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

Going to Bare Oaks, we felt so much love and acceptance as new immigrants. We got an opportunity to do a workshop known as "Bare Elements" at Bodyfest, which was an eye opening experience for us on how we can change our and others' lives with naturism. We realized how naturism was also an ancient Indian way of living and how it helps us become body positive and more relaxed. Since then, we have been doing a plethora of naturist events across Canada for the FCN, Bare Oaks and other clubs and communities. In 2022, we were able to organize events like Naked Farming, Naked Forest Hike, Naked Yoga and other activities that have encouraged a lot of young Canadians to try and embrace naturism. We also developed a few local naturist communities who encouraged me to stand for the board of directors and so here I am.

I seek to influence and encourage more women, people of LGBTQ+ community  and Pagan community to participate in growing naturism by setting an example of how a coloured immigrant can get so much love and support from this wonderful naturist world. There is a lot more to achieve. We want to create this beautiful naturist world for our children and generations to come - and I can’t do it alone.

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