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Kevin Brain

I have long had an interest in naturism, I just didn't know it. Like most, I did not grow up in a naturist home, but I nonetheless gradually realized over the years that I prefer to be clothes free. I discovered in university that sleeping nude was more comfortable. Years later (during a time when the internet existed but the "world wide web" didn't) I started reading the newsgroup rec.nude. This introduced me to the naturist lifestyle, although I did little to actually make it my own, beyond hanging out at home or suntanning on my balcony naked. I visited my first naturist club (the Four Seasons) and my first nude beach (while on vacation) in the mid 1990s. But I had not yet realized that naturism is a family lifestyle, and so it played no part in my life over the next decade as family became the focus of my life.

It wasn't until years later that my then partner and I started to visit Hanlan's Point clothing optional beach, and from that we got introduced to some of the naturist winter activity groups. As we made naturist friends, naturism became a significant part of our lives. 

While attending my first FCN festival and AGM, in 2016, I was elected to a "Director at Large" position on the board. The following year I became the secretary, and have served in that role ever since. With the redesign of the FCN website, I have also taken a significant role in building and maintaining the website.

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