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Be at inner peace.

Own your body.

Develop Self-Love.

Yearn not for the ad-makers’ images.

Admire your own body.

Create your own self image.

Challenge Societal norms of beauty.

Engage others in self-acceptance.

Please yourself instead of the ad makers.

Take ownership of your body!

Admire who you are.

Never apologize for your body “Temple.”

Challenge anti-nudity laws on public lands.

Engage others in self-acceptance.

Invite others to be kissed by the sun!

Sing the Body Electric!

Take pleasure in your inner child.

Hold onto self love.

Eagerly follow your own path.

Ignore unkind body image criticisms!

Dare to be clothed only with the sun!

Enjoy each moment for its beauty.

Admire the woman within

Nurture the child within.

Unite folks of like mind.

Delight in your own nakedness!

Experience body freedom.

Relax as Nature intended!

Experience body freedom.

Celebrate the body beautiful!

Rejoice in the freedom of social nudity.

Embrace who you truly are.

Admire your body beautiful.

Take time to embrace your senses.

Initiate self love.

Own your unique self.

Never internalize criticism of your nude self.

Ignore the nude naysayers.

Savour your senses fully.

Taste your body freedom.

Heal thy self.

Envelop your inner child.

Welcome your body as the work of art it is!

Admire the liberated person within.

Yield to the freedom of Naturism.

by Judy E. Williams

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