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Canada has two officially designated clothing optional beaches.

Additional information about unofficial beaches in Canada is available for FCN members.

Wreck Beach (Vancouver)

photo credit: Hiro Hosono, WBPS Webmaster 

From the United States take I-5 northward, past the airport entrance, and immediately get off at the river's far side into Marine Drive. You'll have to exit going east and double back, passing under I-5 and threading through some small streets until you're on Southwest Marine Drive going west. Continue for several miles; once at Wreck, you'll have a choice of several parking areas and access trails.

If you park near the green sign with white letters announcing Wreck Beach, take the macadamed path off to your left from the sign and follow a brook. At the bottom of the bluff, walk right at the huge rock partly painted red and continue along the shore for two city blocks until you reach a small beach. Turn inland at the large fallen pine tree hanging out over the water and take the trail at the foot of the bluff that Gerhard Schulz constructed a decade ago to ease your walking on otherwise difficult terrain.

If you drive on past the first sign, you'll enter the UBC campus. The next beach access is at the intersection of Marine Drive and University Boulevard. Gate 6 of UBC (known as Trail 6), Gate 3 (Trail 3) and Trail 4 (directly south of the Museum of Anthropology) will lead through the woods to the beach. Finding trails going back up can be difficult. Trail 3 goes up at the more northerly of two WWII searchlight towers on the beach. Trail 6 goes up about a mile down the coast at Coward Cove, which faces the stone breakwater, just east of an out leaning spar pine.

Access to Wreck Beach from the north is by way of the Spanish Banks Public Beach. This access is recommended for those wanting to avoid the strenuous climbs required for the various trails. From downtown Vancouver, take I-5, turn off into Fourth Avenue, head west into Northwest Marine Drive. Follow it west several miles onto the university grounds. Where the road begins to climb, get off and park; you're 90 meters (100 yds.) or so from Spanish Banks Beach. Walk left a couple of hundred meters.

Google maps to Wreck Beach

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Hanlan's Point (Toronto Island)

As of May 1999, the southern portion of Hanlan's Beach has been officially designated as clothing-optional by the City of Toronto. It is now maintained by the City of Toronto's Park's department. Lifeguards and other facilities are provided. Please note that only the designated beach section is clothing-optional. Clothes must be worn in all other areas.

Take the Hanlan ferry across to Hanlan's Point from the ferry terminal at the foot of Bay Street. (Click here for the ferry schedule.) Walk along the paved path past the airport, continuing until you are at the beach (about 5-10 minutes). Once on the beach, walk away from the airport (south) until you get to the fenced section that designates the clothing-optional section. If in doubt, look for the signs that identify the clothing-optional area.

Special thanks are extended to TNT!MEN and Hanlan's Beach Naturists for their incredibly hard work in convincing city council to designate this beach as clothing-optional.

Google maps for Hanlan's Point Beach

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