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The Values & Principles of Naturism

Although naturists as a group make up a diverse range of social, educational and cultural backgrounds, they share some common values and principles. Naturism can be fun and relaxing, but it is more than just a form of recreation. It is also a way of life founded on some fundamental beliefs. So, while naturists may have different perspectives on what they appreciate about their way of life, it is their values and principles that unite them more than anything else.

There are three accepted principles of naturism; respect for one’s self, respect for others, and respect for the environment. Together, they form a basic standard of conduct among naturists. These principles can be observed wherever genuine naturism is practised, from clubs and clothing-optional beaches to events organized by non-landed clubs and even in the family home.

If these principles of respect form the foundation of naturist interactions, then it could also be said that values are what guide the spirit of naturism. Though not as distinctly defined as the principles, these values provide an added dimension to this way of life and help to make many of its benefits possible.

For example, values such as freedom and acceptance are often the first things that come to mind for many naturists. Parents of young children tend to appreciate naturism’s strong family values. Some might be drawn to the strong sense of community and social equality. There may also be some who appreciate the more intrinsic values of naturism, such as authenticity and openness, as well as a profound way to connect to the natural world.

When people initially encounter the subject of naturists, what they notice at first glance is nudity. Yet by looking beyond the obvious and learning about their principles and values, many non-naturists are pleasantly surprised to discover that they share many of the same fundamental beliefs as naturists. In doing so, they can gain an understanding that challenges their assumptions about naturism, which may lead them to consider that this way of life is ultimately as relatable as it is inviting.

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