FCN President Ron Schout

Thanks for your support

by Ron Schout, FCN President

Members of the FCN, as you can see, we have another issue of Going Natural! After many months of hunting, a couple of emails and some phone calls, I’d like to introduce our newest and very qualified Editor, Mr. Alex Makarow. Alongside Alex comes a new director from the Prairies who has asked to be Alex’s assistant. For the 1st time in the history of Going Natural the magazine is to have a named co-editor, I’d like to introduce as well, Robert G. Longpré.
     This President’s column will now be tasked to Greg Snow, our incoming President, which means this is my “so long” as President to you. I will remain a director with the FCN but relinquishing the helm to Greg who has the knowledge and time he can contribute to the ever increasing demands of running such a wonderful and needed organization. Greg is a long time naturist, retired, and lives full time at two naturist resorts, his summer home in Canada and his winter home in the U.S. I will still be continuing my secondary tasks with the FCN as your membership secretary, something I have been doing for the past 10 years and volunteer coordinator.
      Alongside me as VP for all the years I held the President’s position was a long time naturist and friend, Keith Scott, who also served many years for our past President Karen Grant. He also says “so long” as VP but remains as a director. In his place, we welcome Randy Low. Randy comes with a heart of gold and a bucket of enthusiasm to the naturist community and we’re thrilled that he has taken on this new role. Since his election to the board, he has been a positive influence to all of us as the liaison for Clubs. He will remain with that function as well as VP.
      One item I am delighted to mention is that the FCN has teamed up with Calgary Nude Recreation in an attempt to get either our Criminal Code changed or have court precedence preside to benefit all naturists across Canada. As things develop we will keep you posted here in GN as well as on our website.
From the standpoint of the FCN, we did well in both Edmonton and Toronto Pride this year. Both communities had a booth (Pride Toronto we could be nude and we’re working on Edmonton) where we had an opportunity to speak one-on-one with many openminded people. Even if they do not wish to participate themselves, at a minimum they go away with a better understanding and will hopefully pass this along in future conversations with their friends. World Naked Bike Ride was another awesome naked time in Toronto. Although this is not proclaimed as “naturist”, nor does the FCN have anything to do with the organizing of the event, many naturists take the opportunity to bike naked downtown Toronto in support of WNBR. I’m always amazed at the acceptance we get from the general population. This continuously reminds me that it’s rarely the mass that is against us but rather the few individuals who have a minimal understanding. I’d encourage you, wherever you are if you can participate in either or both of these events if they are in your neighbourhood.
      One area I cannot give up on with naturism in Canada is advocacy and education. Pride is good, but not enough. This is where our volunteers come in. We need your help! We need your help in sending us your ideas as well as help in running with these ideas. On the top of our list would be to have more involvement with Pride events or other large community events across Canada where we could have a booth.
      I wish to thank everyone who has helped me along the way as President and look forward of more to come in the upcoming years.

Ron Schout