Ron Schout

Lets Get the Word Out There

by Ron Schout, FCN President

Ideas upon ideas - that we have. What is lacking is the knowledge base for ideas to come to fruition and the manpower to make it happen. I have preached this message before and I will continue to do so until the ideas are fulfilled because the manpower is there to make this happen. What keeps me on this path of advocacy and education are the everyday discussions I have. One example is the discussion I had with my new family doctor not long ago. I decided to change physicians and in my consultation with her I merely asked if she knew the difference between a naturist and a naturalist. As with many, or most people, she knew what a naturalist was, but not a naturist. I took this opportunity to introduce myself as the president of those in Canada that enjoy social nudity. Our discussion went very well! That's one doctor out of how many?

In another recent discussion I was talking with a young man who took an interest in naturism but could not see himself participating although it was his true desire. Points of our discussion revolved around his peers and how they would perceive him as being an exhibitionist, and then more to the point was his comment stating "But my clothes make me who I am." This comment made me sit back a moment with a "wow". We discussed how his friends would see him as an exhibitionist, and that it may take some time to educate his friends if he decides to pursue his desire to be socially nude. As to his clothes making him who he is, I only commented that I could paint a building and it would look good but it would not change the foundation of what that building is, good or bad. That made him think.