FCN President Ron Schout

Where we’re at.

by Ron Schout, FCN President

I cannot believe that summer of 2018 is at our doorstep! It seems like yesterday that we just had our AGM and along with that the support I had hoped for. The board has one more meeting in June and then it’s Festival/AGM time once more where we have an opportunity to be elected to serve on the board in order to make things happen in Canada. Due to the resignation of two directors, I know we will be looking for those spots to be filled by someone who feels they can add to what the FCN is all about. At last year’s festival & AGM I had such high hopes of at least starting on one major project that has been close to my heart for several years, that being a change in the Canada Criminal Code to make nudity laws better defined, and therefore naturism better understood and given its rightful place in our society. Although I have missed my mark in getting this all started I still feel confident that regardless of my position within the FCN and the naturist community, it can still be done. Facing the challenges of this year have been centered on maintaining what we have on a working level with keeping memberships (one of my prime jobs) along with finding a new bookkeeper and editor. I feel like most of my time as president since the AGM has been going from one fire to another in an attempt to keep things running. I give thanks to those on the board that have jumped in with both feet to help when called upon. I think we have sorted this out for the time being. We have found ourselves a new bookkeeper, and so I say thanks to Gary Layng for stepping up to help us out with this very crucial position. I’m expecting that by the time you are reading this magazine we will have chosen a new editor or be in the final selection for one. Thanks to those that stepped forward willing to help. Over the next few months, it’s naked time in Canada. It’s my hope that everyone, young and old, East to West can find some naked activities to join in on or create a few for themselves and maybe a friend or two. Find a secluded area (lots in our country), bask in the sun, enjoy a picnic, go skinny-dipping, and get that clothes free feeling again. g

Ron Schout