Hello all, let me introduce myself.

by Greg Snow, FCN President

Greg Snow PresidentI’m Greg Snow, naturist, along with my partner Rainy, for 13 years. I have served on the Board of Directors of the FCN twice. First time in 2009-2011 and since 2016 to present. I was elected President September 2018.
Thank you for the vote of confidence from the Board in electing me, President. We spend winters in South Texas (we one of the lucky couples) and summer is spent at Bare Oaks, Ontario.

I am currently the Webmaster of www.fcn.ca along with the myriad of duties and responsibilities the President’s office entails. As a small core of volunteers, we often double or even triple up on jobs to be done.

Many thanks to Past President Ron Schout for his devotion and passion for the roles he fulfilled as President, Membership Director (which he still does) and looking after the telephone calls. Big shoes (if he is wearing any) to fill for me.

The Executive this year is almost entirely new with only the Secretary being a veteran. We will work with enthusiasm and zeal to maintaining the FCN and pursuing the goals of the organization. Near and dear to our hearts is the easing of the Nudity Law (Section 174 of the Criminal Code of Canada) so that a person can be in their yard or hiking a trail and not be in fear of arrest and further court proceedings. Ron started this and as mentioned in the last President’s Message initiatives have been started and we hope they will bear fruit that can be applied across the country.

We can always use some help with regional representation (especially in the East and West, North) and volunteers, in general, to help with different jobs and events.

Please tell your friends about the FCN and its goals to promote naturism across Canada, encourage them to join. All the benefits of joining the FCN can be found at fcn.ca/new-signup.

Enjoy the Canadian winter and get out to as many naturist activities as you can. This helps with the winter blues and maintains social contacts.

Greg Snow