By Nick and Lins
Naked Wanderings
September 24, 2018
Oasis montrealJust like Belgium, Canada has also a French-speaking part: Quebec. It had been our plan from the beginning to try to divide our time between Ontario and Quebec, the two Canadian states with the most opportunities for naturists and time had come for us to move on and try to remember our best French. Something that would prove to be not as easy as we initially had thought. All naturist resorts in the state seemed to be more or less centralized around Montreal, but we were hoping to see some more of what the area had to offer. So we decided to take a week “off”, put on some clothes and check out wonderful places like Quebec City and Tadoussac. Wonderful, certainly. But no nudity.

Anyway a great experience but soon the summer sun started burning just that little too much and our laundry bags were getting full just that little too fast. Time to get back to Montreal and do what we came here for in the first place. Get naked.

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