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Greetings from Alberta!

With our summer drawing to a close, and with a snowfall occuring two days before the official first day of fall, CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach is wrapping up our beach activities and getting ready for the winter activities that we participate in!

CottonTail Corner was very well utilized this summer, with a record number of beach users showing up for our Bare Buns Beach BBQ.  104 people enjoyed barbequed hotdogs, and some delicious blueberry tarts. We even had some non-naturists walk up from the regular beach and join us from some lunch and after they experienced the relaxed atmosphere, they stripped off and found a spot.  Here is a picture of part of the group.

Cotton Tail Corner crowd on beach

This summer, a houseboat trip was organized by one of CottonTail's members who is a travel agent.  A  naturist houseboat on the Shuswap Lakes in British Columbia for an entire week! Talk about a great time!CTC Houseboat

Coming up first for our fall and winter is our nude yoga nights with the incredible Becca Pati at her Divine Health studio.Very well attended last year, and a near sold out class for it's first one this fall.CTC Yoga

Our swims occur four times this winter, and we always have over 100 people there, with our youngest attendee at 3 months old and our eldest 96 years old. Last year CottonTail Corner was able to make a $1700 donation to the Parkland County Food Bank with monies from our events and donations from our users.ctc donation resized

In February we will have our third Nude Introduction to Scuba night.  Last year we had not only 3 people in the group who were doing their first try at scuba diving, but their first try at naturism as well!ctc scuba duoctc scuba group

When we started CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach, we never thought it would become so popular in conservative Alberta, but the naturist community is growing by the day.  We have met visitors on our beach from all over the world, and next year we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary as Alberta's only promoted naturist beach!

John Martens

CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach

Main Administrator

You can learn a lot from baring it all.

08/10/2017 11:29 EDT |
Isabelle Khoo Lifestyle Editor, HuffPost Canada

Topless high park 2017 06 16 at 1.20.12 PM

A shirtless march is scheduled at Toronto’s High Park for this year’s Go Topless Day, an event created in protest of female nipple censorship.

Though it is legal in Ontario for both women and men to display bare chests, women rarely exercise this right due to the social stigma surrounding uncovered breasts.


John P at Medium

Why aren’t there more women in nudism? And what can we do about it?

Consider the following scene which might take place in a nudist setting:

A young, beautiful, completely nude woman approaches a pool. She gracefully performs a swan dive into the crystal clear water, penetrating the surface with barely a splash. Her lithe body moves elegantly beneath the surface. Water flows freely around the curves of her bare skin as she swims to the other end. She reemerges on the shallow side, where she stands and wades the rest of of the way to the pools edge. Goosebumps cover her body. Droplets of water fall from the tips of her hard nipples. Warm sunlight makes her wet bare skin glisten. She smiles and looks up at a young man, himself also completely nude, standing near the edge. “The water is beautiful,” she says to him. “Join me?”

jet set nude vacation

Confession: It doesn’t take much to get me naked, especially when there’s sun, beach, and surf involved.

In fact, I’ve been stripping down in public settings for a long time — first as a nude model in college, then at a slew of hippie-dippy, clothing-optional resorts on the West Coast for the past decade or so.Indeed, given the choice,, I prefer getaways that offer an au natural option. For me, baring it all (or nearly all, depending upon resort policy) is pretty liberating.

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