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Elliot Ferguson
The Kingston Whig-Standard
November 19, 2018, 5:20 PM EST

Yvonne Gibson

TAMWORTH – The Township of Stone Mills failed in its bid to stop a planning appeal from a couple wanting to expand a clothing-optional campground.
In a decision released last week, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal denied the township’s application to have the couple’s appeal thrown out.

The validity decision doesn’t settle the matter, it only lets the case go on to a hearing, if necessary.

Last year, Yvonne Gibson and her husband, Hector Gravelle, started the process to have their 40-hectare property on Carroll Road rezoned to allow them to expand the campground at  Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch, which they have operated without the proper zoning since 2012.

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Dan Carlson
The Meandering Naturist
November 3, 2018

cyber fortressSo I read the Nick and Lins piece about naturism on Facebook the other day on Naked Wanderings when they lamented the many ironies of social media policies where simple nudity is forbidden, while all sorts of other atrocities somehow slip through the cracks. To be sure, navigating the internet in search of reliable information about people who are earnestly interested in social nudity is a slippery slope that will almost certainly lead your favorite search engine into various porn sites, while helping you find “new friends seeking benefits,” not to mention an unsolicited fan club willing to send you pictures of their genitalia. Who could have imagined any of this back before the digital age?
But here’s a thought for the day: What about all of us who feel so passionately about the naturist cause that we’ve barricaded ourselves in the naked cyber-fortress. That is, surrounding ourselves in naturist propaganda if you will until we actually lose perspective of how one’s quirky desire to doff his clothing is actually perceived in the greater context of the textile-loving masses.

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By Nick and Lins
Naked Wanderings
October 04, 2018
La PommerieSometimes we use the term “naturist resort” or “naturist campground” or “naturist place” or “naturist spot”. We prefer not to use “naturist colony” because we feel that it has a bit of a negative undertone. And sometimes we even use “naturist domain”, a pretty nice term if you ask us but after this blog post, we will, unfortunately, have to stop using that one as well. We believe that we have just reached the maximum when it comes to domains. We’ve just visited La Pommerie.

We believe that one of the major differences between a textile resort or campground and a naturist one is (other than the obvious nudity of course) the amount of space you’re given. A place is money at any holiday accommodation and by dividing two spots into 4 one can actually double their revenue. Or at least so it seems. But that’s not always true and certainly not in a naturist place. We need our space and we appreciate places better when there are more common areas. Either in the form of grass fields, forests or lakes or in the form of a restaurant, volleyball courts or petanque courts. Or in a mix of all before mentioned. Just like at La Pommerie.

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will o'canada
November 7, 2018

winter scene in canadaIt is that time of year again and let's be honest, for many naturists winter is a difficult time of year. We don’t all live in sunny Florida or a Caribbean island so there are going to have to be some sacrifices. We have had to turn the heat on in our home, and the fireplace has been lit a few times already this autumn.
Sadly no more trips to Port Burwell, or Hanlan's Point until spring. Worst of all, my wonderful all over tan that reached a healthy glow over the summer thanks to frequent doses of natural vitamin D, has already started to fade. We are entering into the “dire straits” of naturism. I have blogged about the perils of being a northern nudie in winter before but rather than just repost those I thought I would have another look at what we do to get through the sub-zero season and look at options others might find useful, a sort of Winter Naturist Survival Guide if you will.

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By Nick and Lins
Naked Wanderings
September 24, 2018
Oasis montrealJust like Belgium, Canada has also a French-speaking part: Quebec. It had been our plan from the beginning to try to divide our time between Ontario and Quebec, the two Canadian states with the most opportunities for naturists and time had come for us to move on and try to remember our best French. Something that would prove to be not as easy as we initially had thought. All naturist resorts in the state seemed to be more or less centralized around Montreal, but we were hoping to see some more of what the area had to offer. So we decided to take a week “off”, put on some clothes and check out wonderful places like Quebec City and Tadoussac. Wonderful, certainly. But no nudity.

Anyway a great experience but soon the summer sun started burning just that little too much and our laundry bags were getting full just that little too fast. Time to get back to Montreal and do what we came here for in the first place. Get naked.

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