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6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks

Yes, you do need to put sunscreen on your nipples.

In response to the International Naturist Federation’s (INF) disregard for the democratic vote held at the 2016 INF Congress, from November 16th to 19th, the Federation of Canadian naturists wrote the following letter to the INF and naturist federations worldwide.  The letter was received by the federations but blocked from reception by the INF.  The Executive Committee (EC) of the INF chose to have the Legal Commission review the election of the new president, and the vote was struck down, in favour of another, and costly, future vote.  From the moment the new president, Armand Jamier, was voted in, it became clear that the current EC was willing to do whatever it could to maintain its hold as a bureaucratic organization, more interested in statutes and laws than the promotion and protection of naturism.  Watch this BLOG for a more detailed report on the Congress.

12th December 2016

The INF EC/CC and All Federations

The FQN-FCN Union, represented by the Federation of Canadian Naturists at the 2016 INF Congress in Wellington, New Zealand, supports the comments and observations made by Wendy Lowe, President of the New Zealand Naturist Federation, and those of Athol Lutge, Chairman of the South African National Naturist Association (SANNA), in their letters dated December 8th, 2016.

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