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FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Family in surf

I’ve been ruminating on this post for quite a long time. In fact, since my oldest daughter just turned 31 a few days ago, maybe for about thirty years. The subject matter? The ever-controversial topic of children and social nudity, and simply what to make of it all.

The blogosphere is a strange place as people don’t typically read a blog in any sequential sort of way. Maybe one finds a link on Facebook or Twitter and clicks through. Or perhaps you’re even a follower of a particular blog, and if the timing is right, you’ll read posts as they are released in succession. But personally, I find the digital age to encourage rather impulsive behaviour. “Oh… look at that! I think I’ll read that, or may be part of that post, or maybe I’ll bookmark it for… I don’t know when.” All that said, if you’re a regular reader, I apologize for the redundancy here.

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Nick & Lins
January 31, 2019

bring a friendLet’s start this blog post with a question we’ve asked many times before… Why do so many nudist resorts fail to attract new members? Especially younger members?

For the resorts, it’s a big frustration because much of their income and their future are based on that. But also their members like to see a new face now and then and would love their naturist club to regain the vitality it had decades ago when there were weekly volleyball tournaments, kids running around and young couples enjoying life without clothes.

Human as we are, we blame others for this. Youth has become prude, our resort doesn’t advertise enough, our naturist federation is a failure, it’s all because of social media and the smartphone… We’ve been through this a million times already.
An obvious question could be: If you want more members, why don’t YOU bring them?
You have family, friends, neighbours, schoolmates, Facebook connections, colleagues, a postman (or postlady) and a doctor.
Why don’t you bring them?
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BibleBible Standard 1

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Jan 23, 2019 01:28 PM CST Updated:Jan 23, 2019 05:42 PM CST

Paris view

Actors are known for baring their souls on stage. But the cast of a new French play went a step further -- and so did their audience.

The one-off performance of "Nu et Approuvé," or "Naked and Approved," which took place at the Palais des Glaces theater in Paris on Sunday, required all audience members, as well as the actors, to get naked.

This was a request made even more daunting by the weather -- Paris saw temperatures hovering just above zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) on Sunday.

But for those who braved the chill, the show appears to have been a hit -- the theater commended the "successful experience" on Twitter, while the French nudist community welcomed it with open arms.
"There is no better way of laughing than to laugh in the nude," Cédric Amato, the head of a Paris naturist group, told the AFP news agency at the performance on Sunday.

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Team Latestly
Jan 9, 2019, 10:17 AM IST

Nudist restaurant in ParisThe owners of the first nudist restaurant in Paris have announced its closing soon. O’naturel is not getting as much response of people who would desire to watch naked strangers having food. The owners overestimated consumers demand to experience the nudist way of life. The cafe will zip up or close its doors in February. The cafe opened in November last year and hasn't been seeing as much as customers as it expected.

Mike and Stephane Saada took the opportunity to start this cafe since Paris is known as a global tourist destination for nudists. Nudist beaches, resort sites for vacationers aren't unheard of. So why not extend it to eating in the buff? They decided to take the lifestyle in the food arena but unfortunately, the decision wasn't favourable. "We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments," the restaurateurs said in a report. They aren't nudist themselves but they opened this as a concept for those who want to try the nudist way of living.
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