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Is Naturism Dying?

by Greg Snow, FCN President

Greg Snow

The short answer is NO. People are still interested in naturism all around the globe.

How businesses and organizations will fare is another story. Younger people (what I call the under 50’s crowd) tend not to join organizations unless they can get something tangible for their hard-earned money.  The FCN offers this magazine and information about clubs, businesses and beaches.  At one time the only place to get this information was through an organization like the FCN.  Now with Google and the internet, most of that is redundant.  The old practice of joining a club and spending weekends and vacations helping the club is no longer in favour especially by the under 50’s crowd. They want to go and relax and have everything already done.

A big problem is the lack of money by this crowd.  The under 50's crowd has less money than the Baby Boomers and more expenses.  They cannot afford to go to a club, if they have transportation (a big if).  The beach is best for them, especially in Toronto and Vancouver.  It’s free if somewhat a less safe environment compared to a naturist park or resort.

The money issue affects FCN membership as well. The money issue is why we instituted a Youth (18 - 30) membership plan last year. They tend to use the beaches as they are free, especially in Toronto and Vancouver.  Even though the beaches are somewhat less safe than clubs and resorts, especially regarding unwanted picture taking.

The FCN needs to address the issue of reaching the under 50’s crowd.  With Facebook, MeWe and Twitter we can reach out to thousands.  The FCN has pages or groups in all these platforms.  We need dedicated people running these pages, so if you have some time to devote to one of these platforms, please contact Robert Longpre at .

We have two MeWe groups, one public and a closed one for FCN members only.  A separate email sent to all FCN members inviting them to join MeWe and the FCN members-only group.  The advantage of MeWe is the ability to post naturist pictures and stories about naturism, unlike Facebook.

Finally, where possible tell your family and friends about Naturism! Let them know it is non-sexual, mixed gender, social nudity where we do everything a clothed person (within reason and the law) does only nude. By spreading the word about naturism, we can get more people interested and keep growing.

Greg Snow