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Greg Snow President

Before I tell you about our website and what you may find here, please allow me a moment to tell you a bit about the Federation itself:

  • We are the only national organization representing Canadian Naturists (not naturalists), the FCN is recognized as a lobby group with the Government of Canada.
  • We promote naturism as a philosophy that is characterized by the practice of social nudity, which encourages respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.
  • We provide Canadian naturist families, individuals, clubs, resorts, and organizations, with their own member-focused, responsive self-governing organization.
  • We help naturists find out how and where they may enjoy the naturist life.
  • We are the North American member of the International Naturists Federation (INF)

In the pages on this website, you should find answers to many of your questions related to naturism and all its goodness. What you won't find is pornography.

Nudity does not always have to equate to sex. In fact, for a naturist, it is proportionately the same as any clothed person (textile). We're just used to spending our other time clothes free, doing all the normal run-of-the-mill activities so many others dress for, and all for no valid reason.

Our website is built on a 2-tier system. Major information you should know about naturism is under the first tier and is FREE. We will not send you any emails unless you request to be placed on our update & info list. The second tier is for paid members only and designed to allow members access to a more extensive array of information such as legal documents, our By-laws and of course, our quarterly magazine “Going Natural/au Naturel” (GN/aN) in both paper and digital (four times a year). Some areas on our web you may wish to look into are:

Our FAQ section where you can find answers to “Why be nude?”, “Is being nude illegal?”, “Isn’t nudity sexual?”.

Intro for Women

Youth and Naturism

Health Benefits

We also encourage you to sign up for our Mailing List where. We send our announcements of naturists events and happenings we feel folks would be interested in. Please sign up here.

Of course, if you like what you see and hear, we invite you to support our efforts by taking out a membership. As a member you have full access to our website which features the latest publication of Going Natural, a magazine we pride ourselves in, as well as back issues and much more.

Yours naturally,
Greg Snow 
Federation of Canadian Naturists

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