By Nick and Lins
Naked Wanderings
October 04, 2018
La PommerieSometimes we use the term “naturist resort” or “naturist campground” or “naturist place” or “naturist spot”. We prefer not to use “naturist colony” because we feel that it has a bit of a negative undertone. And sometimes we even use “naturist domain”, a pretty nice term if you ask us but after this blog post, we will, unfortunately, have to stop using that one as well. We believe that we have just reached the maximum when it comes to domains. We’ve just visited La Pommerie.

We believe that one of the major differences between a textile resort or campground and a naturist one is (other than the obvious nudity of course) the amount of space you’re given. A place is money at any holiday accommodation and by dividing two spots into 4 one can actually double their revenue. Or at least so it seems. But that’s not always true and certainly not in a naturist place. We need our space and we appreciate places better when there are more common areas. Either in the form of grass fields, forests or lakes or in the form of a restaurant, volleyball courts or petanque courts. Or in a mix of all before mentioned. Just like at La Pommerie.

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