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Tues., July 24, 2018

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LINDBROOK, Alta.—In the middle of rural Alberta, known for frigid winters and conservatism, a hidden community spends every summer in the buff.

Helios Nudist Association, less than an hour’s drive east of Edmonton near Tofield, Alta., is billed as North America’s northernmost nudist camp.
Many live there in cabins or trailers for the bulk of May through September, but they’re allowed to put clothes on when it gets chilly.
It’s been 40 years since the group bought its 22 acres of land. It formed in 1964 and purchased its current space in 1978, with members privately owning separate plots at the time. Its ranks have fluctuated, peaking at close to 200 in 2010 and currently sitting at around 115.

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 September 6, 2018,

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 Sophia Harris · CBC News · 

bras on a lineB.C. woman filed a human rights complaint over demand she wear a bra at work

The "burn your bra" movement is back, this time ignited by young women shunning the undergarment not for political reasons, but in the name of comfort. 

However, some braless women feel discomfort when managers mandate they must wear one in the workplace — a rule that could be deemed discriminatory, because it only applies to one gender.


"It's unnecessary," said Kate Gosek who works as a cook at McDonald's in Selkirk, Man. The 19-year-old says several managers recently harassed her about not wearing a bra, including one who prodded her shoulder in search of one.

"She just told me that I should put on a bra because, McDonald's — we are a polite restaurant and no one needs to see that."

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 August 30, 2018,

nude cruise lake ontario 2018It doesn’t happen very often that we really have to plan things during this journey, of course, we have to be careful with the seasons if we’re hoping to get naked at the places we visit but normally it doesn’t really matter whether we end up there this month or the next. Well, it did for Canada. Every Canadian we met had told us to really come in August. This would give us the best chance for some decent weather. So our time frame was pretty limited, the whole month of August and about ten days more in September would have to do the trick. During this short period, we wanted to get a glimpse of what Canada has to offer the nudies.

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