September 6, 2018,

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 August 30, 2018,

nude cruise lake ontario 2018It doesn’t happen very often that we really have to plan things during this journey, of course, we have to be careful with the seasons if we’re hoping to get naked at the places we visit but normally it doesn’t really matter whether we end up there this month or the next. Well, it did for Canada. Every Canadian we met had told us to really come in August. This would give us the best chance for some decent weather. So our time frame was pretty limited, the whole month of August and about ten days more in September would have to do the trick. During this short period, we wanted to get a glimpse of what Canada has to offer the nudies.

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 Sophia Harris · CBC News · 

bras on a lineB.C. woman filed a human rights complaint over demand she wear a bra at work

The "burn your bra" movement is back, this time ignited by young women shunning the undergarment not for political reasons, but in the name of comfort. 

However, some braless women feel discomfort when managers mandate they must wear one in the workplace — a rule that could be deemed discriminatory, because it only applies to one gender.


"It's unnecessary," said Kate Gosek who works as a cook at McDonald's in Selkirk, Man. The 19-year-old says several managers recently harassed her about not wearing a bra, including one who prodded her shoulder in search of one.

"She just told me that I should put on a bra because, McDonald's — we are a polite restaurant and no one needs to see that."

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Julia Wright · CBC News · 

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People get naked every year on Kelly's Beach — to the displeasure of Parks Canada

Want to get back to nature?

It's hard to imagine a more ideal setting that the pristine forests and beaches of Kouchibouguac National Park on New Brunswick's Acadian coast.

But some visitors, park officials say, are taking it way too far. 

Kelly's Beach — a 25-kilometre stretch of dunes along the Northumberland Strait accessible only by a pedestrian boardwalk — is popular for its warm salt water, picturesque views, and endangered piping plovers.

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