Dave Dormer, Digital Producer
CTV News Calgary
Published Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 12:00 PM MDT 
Last Updated Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 6:45 PM MDT

Naturist indoor pool

Swimsuits will be optional at a public swim event next month being organized by Calgary Nude Recreation.

Scheduled for July 7, the event is open only to group members and their guests. Attendees must pre-register and the location is not being released publicly.

Organizer Naked Jeff, who declined to give his real last name, said they’re hoping to attract “like-minded people” to the event.

The numbers we aren’t so concerned about, we’d rather have a good group of people,” he told CTV News Calgary.

“Nudity is a really big deal in our culture and we’re working on that and we recognize that a lot of people kind of need to see it for themselves. They visualize what they think it might be and it’s usually not very accurate compared to reality.”

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AnneMarie McCarthy
Lonely Planet
June 2019

Nick and Lins at the 'naked beach' within Colombia's Parque National Tayrona © Naked WanderingsA nude beach is one of the most popular ways to explore social nudity. So with nudism on the rise, largely being driven by the younger generation and inspired by dedicated accommodation sites like Naturist BnB, we asked experienced naturists for their top recommendation for the best beaches around the world to get naked for the first time.

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The picture at left is Nick and Lins at the 'naked beach' within Colombia's Parque National Tayrona © Naked Wanderings

Nick and Lins
Happy Wanderings Blog
January 03, 2019

Nick and Lins

This is already the 3rd new year we’re celebrating on Naked Wanderings. The last two years we’ve expressed our wishes towards you and we were actually about to do the same this time when we noticed that what we want to wish you haven’t really changed much. So we could write exactly the same thing again, maybe in some other words. Or you could just have a look at our wishes for 2017 and 2018.   We don’t like to...

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By Brandie Weikle Special to the Star
The Toronto Star
Tues., March 7, 2017

andrea budzey bare oaks Growing up, Andrea Budzey’s only notion of being naked in a social setting was through hearing about so-called nudist colonies.
But after passing the sign for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park on Highway 404 near East Gwillimbury, Ont. for years, she had grown curious.

“I found out that naturist meant nudist, because I was unfamiliar with the term. And then I was just blown away knowing that it was actually close to where I lived,” she says.

A new mom, Budzey decided that a visit to Bare Oaks should go on her bucket list. So on one beautiful summer day when the weather was just right, she packed up her then five-month-old son and made the trip.

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Nick and Lins
Happy Wanderings Blog
January 08, 2018

nude beach 350x263One day your father, your wife, your daughter, your BFF or your uncle Fred drops the word: they are nudists. If you have no idea what it is or how to handle this new information and you have a ton of questions, this document will help you on your way.
Or maybe you are uncle Fred, walking up and down the aisle for the hundredth time, rehearsing the words you’re going to say: “Family, I am a nudist”.

In this article, you will find some cornerstones for your speech and if you’re not that much of a talker, you can just print it out and shove it in front of people’s faces. Whatever you think is best, Fred.

What is a nudist?
Other than “nudist”, also the term “naturist” is often used, and in this blog, we like to use “nudie”. Basically, it all comes down to the same thing. A naturist/nudist/nudie is someone who enjoys being naked, with or without the company of others.

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