By Dan Carlson
The Meandering Naturist
September 9, 2019

Picnic Table

Following a busy summer of European Travel – a few weeks for business, then a few for vacation travel – it was pretty jarring to return home to the oppressively humid days of the northeastern USA where my administrative job awaited me with an insurmountable to-do list. The previous weeks had scarcely required me to bother with clothing at any time of the day as we found refuge at naturist resorts in the South of France and Catalonia. In that region, the summer air is warm and dry, sunny more often than not. At home, adorned in the requisite button-down shirt and dress shoes, each day vacillates between the sweltering heat of late August, countered by the abrasive gale force winds of office air conditioning systems. Regardless, in either situation, clothing seems a nuisance and a hindrance to regulating body temperature – all of which routinely landed on the family room floor the minute I walked through the door at the end of each day.

Image by The Wandering Naturist (from Google)

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By Nick and Lins
Naked Wanderings
March 21, 2019

Nick and Lins

Many naturists will tell you that their nude lifestyle means a lot more than just being naked. A lot of others will say that the nudity is pretty much the only important thing in naturism. These others are often called “nudists” although today in the 21st century both the terms “nudist” and “naturist” became very interchangeable. One can’t deny though that naturism includes the word nature and although while being naked you’re at your most natural state, there’s something more to the term than just that.

The international accepted definition of naturism, defined by the INF-FNI, includes that naturism is “a lifestyle in harmony with nature”. Which is often translated to respect for nature as being one of the pillars of naturism. From our travels around the world and the many talks we’ve had with different naturists and nudists we learned that even those who identify as naturists just for the sake of being nude somehow also value this respect for the environment. It’s not that they will spend every free minute of their lives picking garbage from the side of the road, but when at the nude beach they’re likely to put at least their own trash in a garbage bin. Which is one of the reasons why most nude beaches are often much cleaner than the surrounding textile beaches by the way.
What’s this link between nudity and nature? And might there be a spiritual aspect as well?

Image by Naked Wanderings of Nick and Lins

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By Claire Maldarelli
Popular Science
April 11, 2017

Although not directly related to naturism is is a great article about sleep and how much we need.


Sleep is a time suck. If you multiplied the average recommended number of hours we should sleep in a day—eight for a typical adult—by the number of days in an average lifespan (78.8 years in the United States), that would amount to about 9,587.3 days.

That's one-third of your life spent unconscious. From an evolutionary standpoint, sleep is quite literally a waste of your time, yet it's fought its way through countless years of adaptation in nearly every living animal on Earth. So it must be important, right?

In fact, researchers have found that sleep plays a vital role in the functioning of nearly every organ system in the body. At the same time, medical conditions, a busy schedule, and even the simple unavoidable act of ageing constantly challenge the number of hours we allow ourselves. But that begs the question: how much sleep do we actually need? And can we train ourselves to need less?

Image by Vladislav Muslakov at
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By Megan Murray
August 8, 2019

megan murray

Stylist’s digital writer Megan Murray has never been nude in public before – until now, that is. Here’s what happened when she decided to bare all for the first time ever.

Everyone has had some variation of the same nightmare at some point in their lives. You know the one I mean: it starts with you walking down the street, or doing a presentation at work, or even back at school, blissfully untroubled by the state of your clothing.

Then, all of a sudden, a cold realization creeps over you: you’re naked, nude, completely starkers – and you’re begging for the ground to swallow you up. Like I say, I’m pretty sure everyone has had the same nightmare at least once.

If you haven’t, though, I’m sure you can at least empathize – everything in the world around us has taught us that being naked is terrifying, embarrassing, vulnerable.

Image by of Megan Murray

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Dan Carlson
The Meandering Naturist
August 11, 2019

nudista couchsurfing new york nudismus manhattan

I was in the car the other day with a naturist friend, Jennifer, debriefing about the whole naturist thing.

In fact, we were on the way to the airport as she had just spent a few days hanging out with us at La Jenny, (one France’s premier naturist resorts) it seemed like a good time to grill her for a few moments about her proclivity for doffing her clothes whenever given half a chance to do so. She mused quite a lot about naked time as having become “safe zone,” which is particularly notable in this case as up to a few years ago, the idea of getting naked with other humans in a non-sexual environment wasn’t even something that had crossed her mind! Now, I think she would go as far as to identify herself as a fervent naturist.

So, there’s no question that I’m the most fervent naturist in our immediate family, having spent years creating a naturist friendly environment behind our home with the strategic placement of hedges and other landscape features that protects our neighbors from unsolicited glimpses of sunbathing and naked wine-tasting on our back deck. 

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