Rashaad Jorden
31 October 2018

Philly Bike ride

When Shirley Mason was a young girl, she participated in an activity one summer that ended up being a life-altering experience.

“They would do special things during this two-week long summer camp and they kept talking about this one special thing we were gonna do,” she says.

It was something she has ended up doing relatively often: skinny dipping.

But as enjoyable as that experience was, Mason quickly realized such episodes would be few and far between. At the time, she was living way up in the northern U.S. – Minnesota, to be exact. “Every summer, there were only a few days of the year where I could go down to this area called Park Point and get in the water,” she says. “It used to drive me crazy because I love the water. But I love warm water.”

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Amy Nelmes Bissett
Oct 23, 2018

naked australiaLet’s play a word game. We’ll say nudist and we’re guessing that the first thing that springs to mind is a leathery old dude letting it all hang out on Sydney’s Lady Bay Beach. 

Well, think again. Nudism in Australia is having a bit of a renaissance and it isn’t just those well-seasoned at life who are getting their kit off. 

The next generation wanting to bare all is a little younger, around the ages of 18 to 40 years old, and are sharing their nudey moments via Instagram. 

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Tara Shaskey
Oct 20, 2018

NZ GardeningGardeners have kicked off the long weekend by not only stripping away winter debris from their backyards but also their clothes.

Saturday marked New Zealand's first Nude Gardening Day and Mary Spackman and Terry Doe need no encouragement to tidy their grounds completely starkers, so they naturally got behind the movement.

"It's about being able to take your clothes off and enjoy freedom when you're gardening," said Spackman, who has lived a nude lifestyle for the past six years.

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Very good video about non-sexual mixed gender nudity.
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John P
Overthinking Naturism
July 30, 2017
50 50

Why aren’t there more women in nudism? And what can we do about it?

Consider the following scene which might take place in a nudist setting:

A young, beautiful, completely nude woman approaches a pool.
She gracefully performs a swan dive into the crystal clear water, penetrating the surface with barely a splash.
Her lithe body moves elegantly beneath the surface. Water flows freely around the curves of her bare skin as she swims to the other end.
She reemerges on the shallow side, where she stands and wades the rest of the way to the pool's edge.
Goosebumps cover her body. Droplets of water fall from the tips of her hard nipples. Warm sunlight makes her wet bare skin glisten.
She smiles and looks up at a young man, himself also completely nude, standing near the edge. “The water is beautiful,” she says to him. “Join me?”
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