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MAR 19 2015
An older article but the message remains relevant in this day and age.

shy nudist

Show a man with a gun... it’s called action. Show a man with a dick... it’s called indecent.

There’s something wrong with the way Americans have come to accept almost every aspect of the human condition except for the most natural one. We’ve accepted guns, drugs and violence, yet refuse to accept bare breasts and genitalia.

Put a man killing and raping women in a movie and it may go on to win an Oscar. Put a naked woman on the screen, and it won’t be allowed a nomination (take “Blue is the Warmest Color” for example).

By CTVNews.ca Staff
CTV News - https://www.ctvnews.ca
Thursday, September 20, 2018, 9:40 AM EDT

nude neighbour

Residents of a coastal city in Florida say they’re fed up with seeing their neighbour mowing his lawn, working on his car and performing other outdoor tasks while naked.

“He’s just out there doing his yard work, whatever he needs to do, naked,” Melissa Ny told WPBF-TV outside her home in Stuart, Fla.

According to Ny, the neighbourly nudity is a regular occurrence. She said she was taking out her garbage Sunday night when she noticed the man “bent over, winding up his hose” after watering his plants.

By Andrew Welch 
British Naturism - www.bn.org.uk

Scotland Leagal

Following the success of BN's work securing College of Policing guidelines for Naturists in England and Wales, I decided as SANER Campaigns Co-ordinator to build on the good relationship we have built with the Scottish police and try to bring about similar changes in police practice.

Police Scotland is a single authority which covers the whole of Scotland, and historically attitudes have been fairly conservative towards nudity. Edinburgh is the only city in the UK where world naked bike riders have had to cover their genitals and when police received complaints from the public about Naturists out and about or sunbathing in their garden they would feel obliged to investigate, although arrests in Scotland have been rare.

Great video by Jennifer Chan, owner of a Naturist Resort in the US.

The Natural Way

By Marc
Naked and Happy

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Last week we saw how to consider simple nudity for what it is: a naked body is a naked body, nothing more.

This week we look at how once this reality is assimilated, we can feel and deepen the freedom that the nudity vehicles. For, it is one of the aspects that seems to me, essential to naturism: freedom of movement, conscience and being.

Natural freedom

As small as the piece of clothing you wear, it is an interface between your body and the outside world. Certainly, it can be nice to feel the caress of a cloth. The garment is also a sensual and social element, beyond its protective function. However, it is also a constraint, especially when it has no utilitarian function. The garment protects us from the cold, the rays of the sun, or the dangers our body could be exposed to. Remove any need for protection, and the naked body regains its natural freedom.

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