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  1. Do your homework! Learn about naturist clubs, nude beaches and other destinations in your area and determine which one would be best for your first-time experience.
  2. Consider that some women prefer the added security of a club when experiencing naturism for their first time.
  3. Call ahead! If planning a visit to a club, ask if they offer specialized assistance for first- time naturists, including orientation and tours. You might also want to inquire about special times of the week when a club might be less crowded or when the male to fe- male ratio would likely be more proportionate.
  4. Bring a friend! Consider taking a friend for support, preferably someone who is familiar with naturism.
  5. Familiarize yourself with naturist etiquette, including:
    • Always drape a towel over anything you will sit on.
    • Avoid staring at others.
    • Never comment on anyone’s physical appearance.
    • Never take pictures of anyone without their permission.
    • Also, be aware of any other rules or policies of a particular club.
  6. Know what to pack! This includes basics such as towels, water, sunblock and snacks. You might also consider a sunhat, as well as sandals or other practical footwear.
  7. Finally, remember the basic principles of naturism: respect for one’s self, respect for others and respect for the environment.

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