The FCN is Looking for Volunteers

The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), founded in 1986, is an organization that was based on the principles of naturism as a philosophy of life that emphasizes respect for self, respect for others and respect for our environment.

Over time, an organizations direction often charges, following the ebbs and flows of its membership and the directors that govern it. While change is essential, it sometimes causes an organization to lose sight of its original objectives and goals.

Recently, the FCN Board of Directors has identified a need to shift the focus of the organization back towards the original ideals that were envisioned by the founding directors and members.

With this new direction comes a need for planning and implementing new ideas to help advocate naturism in Canada. The FCN has to educate non-members and government officials at all levels of the benefits of the naturist philosophy. The FCN is also here to provide legal support to members who have run into issues with legal interpretation of public nudity, and provide activities and opportunities to encourage non-members to consider this life choice.

Unfortunately, the FCN cannot be managed and operated by its Directors alone. We need volunteers; members that are willing to get involved, offering their time to help make the organization what it was originally mandated to be.

We need volunteers, young and old, to take on roles at a committee level to assist the Board in implementing programs for education and advocacy, preparing and analyzing surveys and questionnaires, and engaging new forms of communication including social media.

The FCN is looking for volunteers willing to take on leadership roles on these committees as well as those that are interested in creating the working force that produces the results.

If you are a naturist looking to have more involvement by volunteering, please contact us at . We are confident that there is an opportunity available for you that would fit your skills and ambitions.

Some of the opportunities that we are interested in finding volunteers for are:

  • Assist in organizing and promotion of Annual FCN/FQN Festival
  • Work with Regional Directors to organize local Festivals
  • Develop club liaison program along with Regional Directors
  • Assist in maintaining our guide listing Canadian Naturists locations
  • Interact with media outlets, including press releases, video and interviews
  • Develop programs directed specifically towards youth
  • Manage Social Media. We have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.