What you get:

  • reduced day rates and membership at many clubs in Canada, the USA and internationally.
  • four issues of the magazine Going Natural/au Naturel, the FCN's official magazine since 1986. Every issue is full of naturist news, photos, reviews, trip reports, complete Canadian clubs listing and much more. (Youth memberships receive the digital issues only.)
  • unrestricted access to the FCN website, including access to back issues of Going Natural.
  • membership in the International Naturist Federation (INF), which is only available through the FCN in North America.
  • personal members who reside in Canada have the right to vote at the FCN’s Annual General Meeting, giving you a voice in the future of the FCN organization itself.

Most importantly, you will help our efforts to promote naturism.  Your membership dollars help us to be advocates of naturism in both Canada, as the Federation recognized by our country's government, and around the world, through our membership in the INF. Together we can maintain the rights we have and hopefully gain more acceptance in the future.

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