An FCN Club/Business membership provides numerous benefits for naturist clubs and businesses.

    • FCN affiliation
    • INF (International Naturist Federation) affiliation
    • Basic Listing in Going Natural club list
    • Right to vote at FCN Annual General Meeting
    • A free copy of Going Natural
    • Event listing in Going Natural
    • Listing on FCN website with link to an external site
    • 10% discount on ad space in Going Natural
    • Free stock of FCN information brochures
    • Support of the FCN
    • Option to participate in special programs and events
    • Wholesale pricing on FCN merchandise, books and videos (for clubs only)

How Much Does it Cost?

Club or business located in Canada:

    • One year - $70 (includes applicable taxes)

Club or business located outside Canada:

    • One year - $80 (Canadian funds)
Club memberships renew on January 1 of each year. Your first year's membership fee will be pro-rated for the amount of time left in the year.

What are the Membership Requirements?

The FCN's purpose is NOT to dictate club policy. We seek to promote naturism and provide a common link between naturists. As such, requirements for membership are simple:

  • Pay club/business membership fees
  • Agree with FCN's purpose

However, we would like to encourage clubs to support our efforts. Increases in our membership are to the benefit of the clubs. As such, we request that clubs:
  • Encourage their members to become FCN members
  • Display our brochures
  • Promote our activities
  • If appropriate, sell FCN merchandise

What is FCN’s Purpose in doing this?

  • To provide for naturists an autonomous Canadian organization that shall not be a subjugated part of any other organization.
  • To foster belief in the essential wholesomeness of the human body and the health of mind and spirit, which grows in those who are accustomed to seeing and respecting the human body as created.
  • To establish a greater understanding of the ecology of our environment and of the place, role and responsibilities of the human species within this ecology.
  • To share the enjoyment of naturist living with individuals and groups of like interest and together provide a united voice for the expression and extension of social naturism.

Most importantly, you will help our efforts to promote naturism!  Your membership dollars help us to be advocates of naturism in both Canada as the Federation, recognized by the federal government, and in the world, recognized as a member of the INF. Together we can maintain the rights we have and hopefully gain more acceptance in the future.

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