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Karrie Field


In July 2018, I embarked on a courageous journey into the world of naturism, a decision that would profoundly redefine my sense of self and community. As a plus-sized woman initially plagued by apprehension about potential judgments, I discovered an unexpected haven of acceptance within the naturist community.

The warmth and support I encountered were transformative, creating a space where individuals of all shapes, sizes, colours, and backgrounds are embraced with open arms. My naturist journey became a celebration of body and identity, fulfilling the acceptance I had long craved.

Before my involvement with the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), I was deeply immersed in union activism, earning recognition for my role as the editor of prominent magazines. This background in advocacy and community engagement became a driving force in my life, leading me to my current position as Co-editor for GN and Director-at-large for the FCN.

Returning for a second term on the FCN board, I aspire to extend the same sense of warmth and belonging that I have experienced to every member of the community. My previous roles as a staunch activist and editor have equipped me with the skills and dedication needed to contribute to the growth and inclusivity of our shared space.

As I step into this role again, I bring with me the lessons learned from my naturist journey. My commitment is unwavering, and I aim to make a difference, ensuring that every FCN member feels as welcomed and valued as I have on my own path within the community. Together, let's continue building a community grounded in acceptance, love, and celebrating our diverse identities.

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