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Naturist Event Promotion

Thank you for your interest in organizing an event! As part of our efforts to support our individual members, clubs and member businesses, we want to help promote worthwhile events through free promotion in our magazine, website, and social media pages. The following application form allows us to do this, by identifying the basic details about your event, its opportunities, and how we can support it. Specifically, this application is intended for individual members, as well as member clubs and businesses who:

  • Are organizing a new event, or one that we may not yet be familiar with.
  • Have made significant changes to an existing event.

When applying for promotional assistance, organizers should consider the types of events that the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is most likely to approve for in-kind promotion. Not all events will meet our criteria for promotional assistance. For example:

Informal Gatherings – These are casual events, such as a weekend get-together with friends at a beach or a backyard gathering. For these types of events, we encourage our members to post announcements in the Members’ Forum at our website.

For-Profit Events – These may include volleyball tournaments or other sporting events, which are organized with the intention of generating a net profit. In these cases, we encourage organizers to consult with our advertising manager to explore some practical promotional options in our magazine or website. Contact: admanager@fcn.ca

The types of events that the FCN is likely to approve for promotional assistance include:

  • Free events.
  • Not-for-profit Events – These events may include a nominal fee or suggested donation, with a financial goal to cover expenses without reaping a net profit.
  • Fund-raiser events that support naturist initiatives or other worthy causes.
  • Educational Outreach events that inform the general public about naturism and its benefits.
  • Legal Advocacy – events such as public hearings, petitions, or government consultations that offer opportunities to defend or advance naturist rights.


The following guidelines apply to both in-person and online events, as well as one- time or ongoing events.

  1. Not all sections of this form will apply to specific events. In situations where sections do not apply, simply respond with ‘Not Applicable’ or ‘N/A’.
  2. All forms must include enough basic information to be considered for support. The more information provided, the better the chances of an application getting approved.
  3. The seasonal submission deadlines for events are as follows:
    • March 1 for spring events.
    • June 1 for summer events
    • September 1 for fall events.
    • November 1 for winter events

If you have any questions or concerns before submitting an event application, contact us at events@fcn.ca .

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