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An Invitation to Non-Naturists

When those of us at the Federation of Canadian Naturists plan our communications (including what you see on this website), we primarily direct our message at two sets of audiences: naturists and non-naturists. Not surprisingly, communicating with these two different groups can be a balancing act. One is familiar with naturism, and the other is not.

But what may come as a surprise to some is that there is actually a third audience category. While this group of people may be smaller in number than those in the naturist and non- naturist categories, it is very important to us.

The individuals who form this third category are not naturists, at least not yet. However, they are not non-naturists either, since they share our values and concerns, and also ask the same kind of questions that we do. Those people are sincerely interested in "taking the plunge" and trying naturism for themselves. We sometimes refer to these individuals as "nearly naturists" or occasionally as "those who are naked under their clothes."

Perhaps you have already read the other pages in the Discover Naturism section of this website or checked out some of the clubs and resorts in our Destinations section. While these pages certainly provide useful information, there is much more to naturism than what can be covered by a few pages on a website. After all, understanding naturism is more than a few quick tips about sitting on towels or applying sunscreen or where to plan that next vacation.

In many respects, naturism is a journey, one that many people spend their whole lives exploring.

Although this can be a fun and relaxing journey, it also has the potential to be one of self- exploration, inspiring moments, and personal growth. At the same time, this journey can become stalled or put off course if one does not have proper information or support.

So let us be your guide on your naturist journey. Since 1986, the Federation of Canadian Naturists has helped thousands of new naturists with reliable information on reputable clubs, updates on naturist news and events across Canada, discounts, and insights on naturist living.

Perhaps even more importantly, we provide a united voice for naturists across Canada through our ongoing education, outreach, and legal advocacy. In doing so, we form an extended community of like-minded people who can share ideas and perspectives on what it means to be a naturist. So, if you would like to start your naturist journey on the right foot, then count on us for support and encouragement.

Listed below is a link that provides information about our membership and its benefits. That page connects to an intuitive registration portal that can be completed in a few minutes. All information provided is kept confidential, and your membership will be confirmed with an email. So what is holding you back? Join the Federation of Canadian Naturists and let the journey begin.

Learn about FCN membership and sign up now.

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