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Nude in the News

Toronto's Nude Beach Just Rated one of the Best in the World

Toronto residents are used to the city popping up in all sorts of top ten lists, but how about the distinction of being home to one of the best nude beaches in the world?

That's the latest accolade our fine city has the honour of receiving, according to Nude Beach Map, a platform that — as the name suggests — maps clothing-optional beaches the world over.

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Ottawa Naturists/Naturistes de l’Outaouais (ON/NO)

It's great to hear that Ottawa Naturists/Naturistes de l'Outaouais elected a new President, Marc Dupris, on November 4, 2023, and that he is taking over from Ted Thompson. Ted's leadership for six years and his prior involvement in various positions within the club are commendable. The Federation of Canadian Naturists has also extended their congratulations to Marc for his new position, and I wish him all the best in his endeavors as the new President of the Ottawa Naturists/Naturistes de l'Outaouais. This transition represents a significant change in leadership for the club, and it will be interesting to see the direction that Marc Dupris takes it in the coming years.

Barcelona museum throws open its doors to nudist visitors

A Barcelona museum opened its doors to nudists on Saturday, holding a special tour during which visitors could ditch their clothes.

The Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia held the 90-minute tour in collaboration with the Catalan Naturism Club.

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INF Celebrates 70th Anniversary

The INF-FNI marked its 70th anniversary at a special event at CHM Montalivet, in western France.

Around 100 naked people witnessed the unveiling of a new plaque on the monument commemorating the organization.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Nudism You Didn’t Know About

Nudists are people like any other people, they love to be and stay in good health. We all know a good life hygiene, organic food, regular physical exercise, and balanced relationships are the basis of health. Nudism, a.k.a. naturism, offers...

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Textilist Video

A video produced by Bare Oaks about Textilists!

I Raised My Kids On A Nude Beach — And I'd Do It Again In A Heartbeat

“I cannot wait to get to the beach and look at all the penises,” squealed my daughter, Claire, from the back seat of the car.

She was 4, and we were on our way to a nude beach. I had discussed with her (and my three other daughters) what behaviors were acceptable at the naked beach, and they knew staring was frowned upon. But I also always encouraged them to be respectfully curious about bodies.

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‘People want to get their clothes off’: naturists catch eye of UK businesses

From skinny dips to naked karaoke, firms are recognising the financial opportunity of the ‘buff pound’

Justine Drury did not want to upset the fishers, but her customers wanted to swim naked.

“And if that’s what the people of Nottingham city want – if that’s their way of connecting with nature – then who am I to stand in their way?” said the co-owner of the WholeHealth swimming club. “But we did have to think of the fishermen. They are quite old school.”

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'Dressed when practical, nude when possible': Naturist camp celebrates 30 years

No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

That’s the mantra at the Sunward Naturist Park, located on a 500-acre property near Calabogie (Ontario).

The camp is complete with 35 trailer sites, a farmhouse, an island, several boats, a sauna, a volleyball area and fire pits. It’s a rocky but picturesque campground with rolling hills, pine trees and a deep body of water called Jamieson Lake.

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Nude Garden Party Stripped of its Political Satus: Today in History

Talk about naked ambition. In 1975, the relatively staid world of Canadian politics became downright racy when a group of B.C. nudists formed a new political party — the Nude Garden Party.

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Why the whole world needs to know that you're a naturist

Nick and Lins, Wandering Naturist blog, write about hiding our naturist lifestyle from everyone.

Women score victory as Colorado city drops ban

Women in Colorado win the right to do what men have been able to do since 1936 - go top-free.

World-wide Pandemic? Might as Well Get Naked

The pandemic is giving some people an opportunity to try something they might not have otherwise - naturism.

5 Reasons for Women to Go Nude

What benefits are there for women going nude? You’d be surprised at how healthy it is.

Opinion: Why do Canadians have such a problem with topless sunbathing?

Well, Canadians in general that is. Naturists certainly don't have a problem with it!

Naturism is booming in France among the Young

Reasons why naturism is growing in France amongst the young.

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