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An Invitation to Naturists

If you are already a naturist, then you are familiar with a lot of the general information about naturism on this website. No doubt you already know about some of the myths surrounding our way of life, as well as many of its benefits. You are also probably aware of the common misconceptions of those who are not familiar with naturism and some common mistakes too.

However, some naturists continue to make mistakes relating to their lifestyle, even among those who have been active for many years. Some errors may be minor, while others can be more serious, often with lasting consequences. Those of us here at the Federation of Canadian Naturists have noticed a pattern of mistakes made by some naturists over the years that give cause for concern, particularly the big mistakes.

“What are those big mistakes?” you ask.

The biggest mistakes made by naturists in Canada do not involve locking their keys in their vehicles while at their favourite club. Nor is it forgetting to bring sun protection when visiting their favourite clothing-optional beach. The biggest mistakes are actually more far-reaching than that. It’s believing that they can live a naturist lifestyle in a vacuum, without the support of a greater naturist community. It’s also believing that they can take their way of life for granted; that their favourite clubs and beaches, along with their basic rights as naturists, will always be there. This inevitably leads to a situation with one way of life, separated by many solitudes.

But there is strength in numbers. Since 1986, the Federation of Canadian Naturists has served as a united voice for thousands of naturists across Canada. We have supported our members through news and information, as well as advocated for their rights. We have also worked to defend and advance naturism in general across this country through public education and government consultation. In doing so, we have helped to unite naturists in every province and territory, all while committed to a “made in Canada” approach to our work.

Granted, there are many practical reasons to join the Federation of Canadian Naturists. Getting discounts at affiliated clubs and resorts is one. Receiving our quarterly magazine is another. But being a member of our organization is really about much more than money or magazines. It’s about being part of a network of support with other naturists across Canada. It’s about being part of a broader conversation and sharing a vision. It’s also about being a steward of our way of life and investing in its future. And, as some would say, it’s about finding your tribe.

Listed below is a link that provides information about our membership and its benefits. That page connects to an intuitive registration portal that can be completed in a few minutes. All information provided is kept confidential and your membership will be confirmed with an e- mail. So what are you waiting for? Join the Federation of Canadian Naturists. You’ll be glad you did.

Learn about FCN membership and sign up now.

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