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Profile Privacy

In October 2022, the FCN website was updated to allow members to make some of their personal information visible to other FCN members … if they wish to do so. Sharing of any personal details is done strictly on an opt-in basis. What information - if any - you choose to make available, is entirely up to you. 

Allowing members to share information permits the following features:

(1) A Member Directory providing access to the profile information that other members have chosen to make public. This includes information about member clubs and businesses. The Member Directory is available from the MEMBER AREA menu of the website, and from the “Wild Apricot” app that you can run on your phone.

(2) Users posting in the member discussion forum can have their name appear on their posts. You can choose to show either your first and last name or just your first name.

(3) You may securely message another member that you have selected from the Member Directory or from a Member Forum posting (if the other member has chosen to permit that). When you send a message this way, you can change or delete the return email address that will be provided to the other member, if you wish to keep your email private.

How to Control What Information Others Can See

Setting some of your profile information as visible to others is done from your profile page. Login to the FCN website and select the Account icon ( the "head and shoulders" icon) at the top right corner of every page. Select “View Profile” to go to your profile page, then click on “Privacy”. Click the “Edit Profile” button, then click the “show profile to others” checkbox. You can now individually set the visibility of the profile fields you wish to share. For example, to show just your first name, click in the "Members" column of the "First name" row, but leave "Last name" set to "No access". To allow others to email you (without needing to actually share your email),  click in the "Members" column of the "Send message form" row.

After you have set the visibility of all fields as desired, click the "Save" button.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

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